Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chennai - 13th PhotoWalk

Yippee,Finally i was one among those humongous group who were clicking along the Marina early today.

My Mobile Alarm faltered and my instinct woke me up at 05:40 and reached the University Campus late by 10Mins.It was a good learning experience for me as i met some of the fellow Chennai-Photo-Walkers and gained some tips from them.

I clicked 201 pictures over the walk and the decent ones will make its entry to Flickr.

Update @ 14:30 : Finally 8 Pics shortlisted for Flickr:)I m the Creator,I m the Critic:)

Thanks C for organizing this walk.

Lessons Learnt from this Photo walk :
  • Photography is not that Simple as i thought.
  • Chennai is vast and so is Marina Promenade.
  • With a Digital Camera at your disposal don't hesitate to shoot anything that comes on your way.
So when is the next Chennai-Photo-Walk?


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Manager - M

  • Not all M's bad,there exists many M's who are very very bad and few are the best M's.
  • Many M's think that their subordinates are a Genie and they can ask whatever they wish.
  • Nothing is Impossible - This should be the favorite caption for group of M's.But most of the times they forgot to draw a line between possible and really impossible stuff.
  • The M's take this as a opportunity to give back what they get from their M's.
  • A kind & good M is not always a good subordinate but a tough M is always a good Subordinate.
-posted by a 100% Subordinate who wants to be a M soon*


(* - my view about the manager over the last 2+ years and this targets all my Managers till date)
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