Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Manager - M

  • Not all M's bad,there exists many M's who are very very bad and few are the best M's.
  • Many M's think that their subordinates are a Genie and they can ask whatever they wish.
  • Nothing is Impossible - This should be the favorite caption for group of M's.But most of the times they forgot to draw a line between possible and really impossible stuff.
  • The M's take this as a opportunity to give back what they get from their M's.
  • A kind & good M is not always a good subordinate but a tough M is always a good Subordinate.
-posted by a 100% Subordinate who wants to be a M soon*


(* - my view about the manager over the last 2+ years and this targets all my Managers till date)


Arun Raghavendar said...

Good one..
Wish you would turn a big 'M' soon and you sub-ordinate blogs about you.. :)

Sethu S said...

Doesn't matter da,Even then i will have a M above me......

The only way is start my own company...long way to go

Anonymous said...

Ask me quesitons abt BAD M's.. I ll give u loads of examples.. Managers turn me off!!! Grrrr

Sethu S said...

if i m right you are the one who wrote about the intern experience in ur blog..

So sad-:(

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