Wednesday, October 29, 2008

3 - Thanksgiving

20 Posts , 14 comments and 33 Profile Views and 150 Visits @ Clustrmaps in 80 Odd days.That's not bad.Given that i don't write often;i don't write very hi fundoo blog am happy with the response what i got over the period.

So,What made me to activate my blogger account and write here?

The two guys who inspired me to write , KVijesh and Chandrachoodan.Vijesh,a college mate of mine and CG known for his ChennaiPhotoWalk.Definitely these two blogs were different on its own and will always have a special place in my blogger space.

Another thing to be noted,I picked yet another passion from these two people,Photography.

The real urge to get myself a digital camera happened after i came across Rahul Sadagopan.I paid 18K for my Nikon P80 after visiting Rahul's Photostream.Good that i have a SLR-like-Camera now.

All together these three people have made an impact on me.Many thanks to all three of you:)



Arun Raghavendar said...

True.. Rahul Sadagopan is there in my flickr list too.. His pics are really good.. Did you meet him during the photowalk?

Sethu S said...

Yes! Rahul is too good da!Have not met him coz i never attempted for a photowalk till date.but this sunday there is one more photowalk....Let me try to make it....

BTW,there is one more guy,Kunal Daswani(something along the lines,visit his flickr.....Amazing work...

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