Sunday, November 16, 2008

Chennai - 13th PhotoWalk

Yippee,Finally i was one among those humongous group who were clicking along the Marina early today.

My Mobile Alarm faltered and my instinct woke me up at 05:40 and reached the University Campus late by 10Mins.It was a good learning experience for me as i met some of the fellow Chennai-Photo-Walkers and gained some tips from them.

I clicked 201 pictures over the walk and the decent ones will make its entry to Flickr.

Update @ 14:30 : Finally 8 Pics shortlisted for Flickr:)I m the Creator,I m the Critic:)

Thanks C for organizing this walk.

Lessons Learnt from this Photo walk :
  • Photography is not that Simple as i thought.
  • Chennai is vast and so is Marina Promenade.
  • With a Digital Camera at your disposal don't hesitate to shoot anything that comes on your way.
So when is the next Chennai-Photo-Walk?


Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Manager - M

  • Not all M's bad,there exists many M's who are very very bad and few are the best M's.
  • Many M's think that their subordinates are a Genie and they can ask whatever they wish.
  • Nothing is Impossible - This should be the favorite caption for group of M's.But most of the times they forgot to draw a line between possible and really impossible stuff.
  • The M's take this as a opportunity to give back what they get from their M's.
  • A kind & good M is not always a good subordinate but a tough M is always a good Subordinate.
-posted by a 100% Subordinate who wants to be a M soon*


(* - my view about the manager over the last 2+ years and this targets all my Managers till date)

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

3 - Thanksgiving

20 Posts , 14 comments and 33 Profile Views and 150 Visits @ Clustrmaps in 80 Odd days.That's not bad.Given that i don't write often;i don't write very hi fundoo blog am happy with the response what i got over the period.

So,What made me to activate my blogger account and write here?

The two guys who inspired me to write , KVijesh and Chandrachoodan.Vijesh,a college mate of mine and CG known for his ChennaiPhotoWalk.Definitely these two blogs were different on its own and will always have a special place in my blogger space.

Another thing to be noted,I picked yet another passion from these two people,Photography.

The real urge to get myself a digital camera happened after i came across Rahul Sadagopan.I paid 18K for my Nikon P80 after visiting Rahul's Photostream.Good that i have a SLR-like-Camera now.

All together these three people have made an impact on me.Many thanks to all three of you:)


Saturday, October 25, 2008


Nikon CoolPix P80 is mine :)

Update : P80 is making me mad! Still on a learning curve and this helps me a lot in getting the basics right.

I will be moving from Picassa to Flickr


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Wake UP Call

Just to show that i m still alive in this blog space,not much i can do at this point of time.I have to write something and i don't find a way out about what to write......So routing one my mobile forward to the blogger space...

Memories sometimes behave in a crazy way...

they leave you alone when you are in a crowd & when you are alone they stand by you like a crowd!

-SMS Forward(Author Unknown)


Sunday, October 12, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Its raining Celebrations for me and my better half.Completed three years successfully and still running....

Thanks Arti , for being my legal accomplice over the period and for the future.


Friday, October 10, 2008


Sex is not the answer. Sex is the question. "Yes" is the answer.

dont remember where i picked this line and not sure about the author too.


Wednesday, October 8, 2008


The KPN was as fast as the auto and it dropped me at Tirupur around 6AM ,Saturday morning.Before i could reach my home i got a call from my parents that few of my relatives had arrived prior to me.I reached my home and after an hour my aunt said how about a trip to Koduveri?After a tiring 8hours journey i really really wanted to sleep but they took me to this place on compulsion.It was good that i went else i would have soaked in sweat at my home as my home experienced a indefiniter power failure.Thanks to Mr.Arcot Veeraswamy.

I never knew about this place before.The Kodiveri dam is located 10 kms from Gobichettipalayam.This place was not that great but definitely enough for one who is in need of a real quick break from his work stress.For the first time in my life i travelled by Parisal,the spherical shaped small boat to cross the water stretch.After a small walk a sight of relief.You can see a small waterfalls but its wide enough to accomodate more people than a five falls in koutralam.Its Always fun to get soaked in falls when the mercury is high.A lot of road side shop sells fish fry and i found this fish fry less expensive and more tasty than the ones i had in marina.I was informed by one of the local people that this place was shot in the movie,Chinnathambi starring Prabhu and Kushboo.

Unfortunately my W610i was too weak to capture the panaromic view of the falls.I have to get a better Camera soon-:(

The picture displayed above was shot while returning from Koduveri and has nothing to do with the dam or falls.I just want to post at least one picture and i did that,coz its my blog-:)

I Recommend this place for Singles,Bike Travellers.

Not much options to eat other than Fish fry.Definitely not much to see in this place,would be good for a day including to and fro travel.


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Oram po - part ii

The day was October 3,2008,Friday.My Clock reads 17:30 IST. Just done with my packing,of course the dirty clothes and my two sets of new dresses which am gonna wear for the function.As usual waiting for a girl is pain,no matter whether she s your lover or friend or mom or sister.This time i was kept waited by my better half , the dentist.

I have booked the tickets in advance(to Tirupur) so as to avoid the last minute hassels.The usual shuttle which runs between adayar and CMBT was cancelled.So we were looking for an auto to ferry us.Negotiating with auto drivers is always a skill which i rate as significant as flirting with a girl(boy).I dont have that skill,my better half is better than me in this aspect.Finally we got one auto to CMBT by 18:15.Our bus was scheduled to depart by 21:30.Even if we opted for a Chennai Metro bus service we would have reached in time,but as usual lazyness and the Software Engineer within me prevented us from taking the Metro.

This auto driver was very soft spoken,in his early twenties.But the auto was in a real bad condition,this vehicle has lost its indicator to some accident,a lot of dent in the body.I thought this junk yard vehicle is never gonna cross twenty miles per hour and i m not supposed to have any fun on my transit to CMBT. I was proved wrong and i admit that Appearance is deceptive.

Things went usual till Vadapalani Signal.One more Auto just stopped near our auto.Both drivers winked at each other and greeted.This is not a uncommon behaviour between two auto drivers,ofcourse they belong to the same breed.Both the drivers made some quick exchanges with their palms.Only God knows wat those signs meant.Later i realized that it was a signal for the heart throbbing race.

When the signal turned green both auto drivers show cased their driving skills.It was more like a Need for Speed-Auto to me.The race lasted just two minutes till the next signal,but the twist and the high speed turns i experienced during those two minutes was fascinating.Arti thought that she's never gonna make it for the function and started praying all the God's she can remember-:)

Eventually our auto won the unofficial race and the winning driver was given some money by the other one.This happened in a real quick fashion that nobody can notice wats happening.At the next signal the auto's diverged in different directions.Our driver just turned back and gave a guys-Still-Alive-look?He explained later that there is a separate pool of auto drivers who drive auto just for these races.Usually these races are schedule in the early morning ,around 4-6 AM.The Race length is usually a straight 1km-2km Stretch.These were the official races and they play for money.The Bet amount can vary from 1000-15000 max.

The one we experienced was an unofficial race and he said something which relates to AeroDynamics.I cannot believe that an Auto Driver can think of Aero Dynamics.His little brother was working in a mechanic shop and he used to modify the Auto for his elder brother.

No Pit Lanes,No Safety Cars,No Defined Circuit,No Crew but still a race happened and i m lucky enough to experience one.


Weekend Getaway(under construction)

So , the long wait is over..Now,I feel guilty to use "Single" against relationship status in Orkut. Yes,October 6,2008,the much awaited event, my engagement is over (atleast for her).

This is one hell of a experience for me,and definitely this is not the last one in my life too more>>
Preparations to show me charming and handsome more>>
A one day trip to koduveri more>>
Oram po -part ii more>>


Friday, September 19, 2008

Getting Married - March 12,2009

Finally i m going to shed my bachelor tag and start a new life by March 12,2009.Long way to go,but i have mixed reaction when this decision was made.Guess, i m in need of thousands of sticky notes to remember the intricate things for this Occasion.

Sticky 1 : Apply Leave for March 12,2009

Lot of sticky notes to follw soon.....


Thursday, September 18, 2008

Windows Vista Magic

I heard people saying me Windows Vista is too slow to operate.I belive them now.The file copy lasted less than 4 minutes,but the picture says it all.



Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Girl-Seeing-Ceremony - Kollywood Style

My idea of Girl Seeing Ceremony will be good,

If we were served with Vadai & Bajji.

If the girl was tested for her musical and singing skills.

If the girl was given a tray of Coffee Cups and asked to serve for those present.

If the girl exhibited Accham,naanam, madam and pairpu.

And finally "Poitu letter anuprom" reply from my parents.

September 11

September 11 - Prior to this year i can relate this day only with 9/11 attacks and Surya-Jo Wedding,but now, i have a reason to celebrate of my own.The Doctor-Engineer love accepted formally by both sides and soon you will get to hear the wedding bells.

September 11 was more like a Girl-Seeing-Ceremony.The experience was kinda weird coz there were a lot of preparations/ideas from my parents.They were very cautious about the way i look,what should i wear,.... For me and my better half,its just one more day of usual meeting.

Everything went well but it would have been better and more hilarious if the entire episode happened something like this.But not a single item has been fulfilled.


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Google Got me finally


Finally for the first time Google's web servers prioritized my existence.
It picked up my blog url as the first hit when i Egosurfed it.

Verdict : PageRank still works -:)


Friday, September 5, 2008

Tamil Orkut

Look for the relationship status in Tamil.ROTF


Thursday, September 4, 2008

Play Safe - Author Unknown

"Condoms aren't completely safe. A friend of mine was wearing one and got hit by a bus"


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Random Shots

I m neither a professional photographer nor i own a high-end camera which can shoot almost anything visible.But i love to shoot random pictures everytime with my Sony Ericsson W610i.I wish to own a decent high end camera and started working on it.So when the time is ripe will come up with more beautiful shots with the new gizmo.Till then i m gonna experiment with my 2MP camera embedded on my phone.Some photos were real and some photos i changed the tone with the help of a Photo editing software pre-installed on my phone.

If any of you impressed by the shots you are most welcome to donate me a high-end camera-:)

If any of you felt like visited a garbage site again you are most welcome,Donate me one,So that i dont repeat this garbage thing again-:)


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Parochial Frog

23 Years ago,a new born baby came into existence at Cholavandhan, a village juxtaposed to Madurai.Next Seven years,he then travelled different places with his grand father as he was a Government Servant.Till now he is not sure whether during those times with his grand parents , did he missed his parents or not?Then his parents thought to keep the boy with them.Again the boy is not sure whether he missed his grand-parents during the rest of his life?

He was parochial frog-in-the-well,where he was a above average performer,ranked in the top 10 and tagged as the goody-goody type of person in the school.The boy seldom talks to girls in the school,yet he developed a relation with a gal who changed his life in the later stage.The parochial frog has never changed its course till the end of the school and for the first few months of college he stays the same.

Finally the college life started a new chapter in his life.The Frog tries to learn new things,irrespective of good or bad.The Seldom girl-speaker changes the routine in his adolescence,tried to attract as many gals as possible.He did succeed in few out of a large pool,the hit ratio seems too poor to boast here.At the end of the term he managed to get a job and waves good bye to the college life.

In the mean time the girl in the school took a different path and went on to be a doctor.From no where the doctor-engineer pair started to share many things which transformed onto a steady-long relationship....For the first one year of their love they were geographically apart and again the same feeling?Did he missed at least his better-half? The answer is a Perfect NO.

The Story continues......

This post is specifically to those who think that missing the other person is directly proportionally to the amount of love they show.

Yet he tries to be emotional,and fails miserably..But he do love them all....

Friday, August 22, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008

Beijing Olympics - Despite all issues China managed to get things right at Beijing Olympics.

Few things remembered @ Beijing Olympics 2008

China ,USA & Russia lead the medals tally at the end of Olympics.India raised its Olympic level by bagging its first ever gold.Thanks to Abhinav Bindra.The Phenomenal Phelps for his Straight-Flush @ the pool.The Jamaican Sprinters for their athleticism in 100M,200M & Relay.Indian Shuttler Saina Nehwal losing in the Quarter finals.Birds Nest - which hosted the Opening Ceremony.

The final note - Can Delhi repeat Beijing in Common Wealth Games 2010??

Are we prepared for that?


Thursday, August 21, 2008

Tested after a long time-:)

Hey all,

This time i was not lazy but working,really really working!Sometimes i do work.I was covering up for my client as he went on a vacation.

More updates to come soon


Friday, August 8, 2008


For those of you who hit this link with great expectation to uncover something different i feel sorry for them,coz i m a usual person with usual thoughts.Me,Kind of a next-door-guy who always wanted to achieve things which can be done only in dreams,completed my masters with just above average-kinda-marks and now employed in one of the many software firms doing all kinds of stunts with my if's and else statements.

I always wanted to blog and i did blogged for few times.But as usual my lazyness deferred me from an active blogger.lets see whether things can change now.

"Change is the only constant thing in the world which does not Change"
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